Product Education Series




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Treatment and Monitoring of Mitral Valve Disease (MVD) in dogs as per current ACVIM (2019) Guidelines - Mike Martin

Diagnosis of pyoderma and the importance of topical antimicrobials in its management - Carly Mason

Mitral valve disease diagnostics - which tests to perform and when - Mark Patteson

Top tips for successful blood pressure measurement and management of hypertensive cats in the clinic - Sarah M. A. Caney

Allergen-specific immunotherapy in practice - Kathryn Cuddy

Acute Wound Care part 1 – Reliable Post Op Protection - Dawn Stevens

Advanced Wound Care part 1 – Effective Fluid Management - Dawn Stevens

It’s not just itchy skin- Why essential fatty acids are essential! - Anita Patel

Infection Management in Wound Care - Dawn Stevens

Exudate Management in Wound Care - Dawn Stevens

The Pruritic Horse, approach and treatment - Professor Stephen D. White

Atopic Dermatitis in the light of new treatments - Tailoring the Solution to fit the problem - Professor Richard Halliwell & Kirsten Pantenburg

Getting the best from diet trials - Dr Tim Nuttall

Managing the Pruritic Dog and Cat in the Light of the Latest Research: Don’t Forget the Basics for Optimal Results - Professor Richard Halliwell

Feeding an Animal with Gastrointestinal disease: Case-based GI Nutrition - Mike Davies

The Canine Lymphoma Blood Test - Iain Grant

Aiding the Flow in Canine Urolithiasis - Clare Spencer

Five Secrets to Successful Puppy Parties - Sarah Whitehead

Dieting in the Face of Disease - Nicola Ackerman

Gold Standard Care of the Arthritic Dog - David Prydie

The Latest in Comparing Treatment Options for Canine Epilepsy - Luisa De Risio

Canine Lymphoma - Current Perspectives on Diagnosis, Treatment and Monitoring - Arno Roos