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A to Z of Rabbits February 2016
Abdominal Radiology August 2014
MS170 - Abdominal Ultrasound Level 2 March 2018
MS142 - Abdominal Ultrasound Level 2 March 2017
MS157 - Abdominal Ultrasound Level 1 November 2017
Abdominal Ultrasound November 2016
Abdominal Ultrasound November 2015
Abdominal Ultrasound November 2014
Abdominal Ultrasound December 2013
Abdominal Ultrasound June 2013
MS152 - Advanced Anaesthesia for Nurses September 2017
MS119 - Advanced Practitioner Cranial Cruciate Ligament Masterclass September 2016
MS129 - Advanced Surgical Procedures for Advanced Practitioners October 2016
MS113 - Anaemia and Bleeding Disorders June 2016
Anaesthesia for Nurses March 2016
MS171 - Arthrodesis Masterclass for Advanced Practitioners June 2018
MS144 - Backyard Poultry April 2017
Backyard Poultry September 2013
Becoming More Confident about Money March 2016
Behavioural Problems in Dogs and Cats August 2014
MS139 - Canine Behaviour – What to do with Problem Dogs February 2017
MS134 - Cardiac Ultrasound January 2017
Cardiac Ultrasound June 2014
Cardiac Ultrasound November 2013
Cardiac Ultrasound June 2012
MS143 - Cardiology Case Challenges April 2017
Cardiology Crash Course March 2013
Cardiology Crash Course June 2012
Cardiovascular Emergencies June 2016
Challenging Dermatology Presentations February 2015
Common Poisonings in Small Animals July 2015
Consultation Skills for Vets September 2014
Consultation Skills for Veterinary Nurses April 2015
Current Concepts in Cardiology for Advanced Practitioners February 2016
Dentistry for Nurses May 2014
MS153 - Difficult Tooth Extractions September 2017
MS154 – Echo Case Challenges for Advanced Practitioners October 2017
Emergency and Critical Care Nursing November 2015
Emergency and Critical Care Nursing October 2014
MS137 - Emergency Patients- An Organ System Approach January 2016
Emergency Room Crash Course October 2013
Emergency Surgery August 2014
MS140 - Emergency Surgery October 2016
MS168 - Emergency Surgery February 2018
Endocrine Emergencies June 2013
MS150 - Endocrinology Case Challenges 2017
Equine Emergencies January 2014
Essential Practice Lab Tips, Tricks and Techniques June 2015
Essential Radiography for Veterinary Nurses January 2016
Essential Skills for Veterinary Receptionists November 2015
MS114 - Essentials of Anaesthesia August 2016
MS121 - Essentials of Fluid Therapy September 2016
Everything You Need to Know about Birds (Not Chickens!) September 2015
Everything You Need to Know about Cancer Management May 2015
MS151 - Everything You Need to Know about Intensive Care July 2017
MS174 - Farm Pets: the 10 Minute Consult Mini Series April 2018
Feline Behaviour June 2016
Feline Cardiology March 2015
Feline Dentistry January 2015
MS172 - Feline Geriatric Medicine April 2018
MS169 - Feline Orthopaedics February 2018
Feline Ultrasound April 2016
Fracture Masterclass October 2014
MS175 - Gastrointestinal Surgery Mini Series May 2018
Getting Started with Physiotherapy June 2014
MS123 - Head and Neck Surgery November 2016
MS135 - Hotter Topics in Feline Medicine - Challenging Cases for Advanced Practitioners January 2017
Hot Topics in Feline Medicine January 2016
Hot Topics in Feline Medicine June 2012
How Do I Know that My Patient is Alive? February 2014
How Do I Know My Patient is Alive? September 2015
How to Answer the Telephone February 2014
How to Fix Fractures September 2012
How to Survive OOH! February 2016
MS145 - How to Use Bone Plates in Practice May 2017
Improving Your Equine Dentistry January 2015
Introduction to Hydrotherapy in Veterinary Practice March 2015
Introduction to Orthopaedics November 2014
MS136 - Liver and Pancreatic Disease February 2017
Liver and Pancreatic Disease June 2015
MS158 - Local Anaesthetic Techniques November 2017
Making the Most of Your Microscopy March 2016
Managing Difficult Clients and Situations in Veterinary Practice January 2015
Managing Diabetic Patients April 2016
MS148 - Medical Neurology for Advanced Practitioners May 2017
MS176 - Maxillofacial Surgery for Advanced Practitioners Mini Series 2018
MS166 - Medicine on a Budget January 2018
MS141 - More Soft Tissue Surgery Case Challenges for Advanced Practitioners March 2017
MS138 - Neurology Survival Kit March 2017
Neurology Survival Kit April 2012
MS155 - Ophthalmic Emergencies October 2017
MS120 - Ophthalmic Emergencies September 2016
Ophthalmology Case Challenges May 2014
Ophthalmology Case Challenges September 2015
MS149 - Ophthalmology Case Challenges June 2017
Pain Management in Small Animals June 2015
Pet Bereavement Care in Practice September 2014
MS147 - Practical Techniques for Emergency Patients May 2017
MS164 - Practical Emergency Techniques for Advanced Practitioners January 2018
Practical Wound Management for Nurses January 2015
MS117- Problem Orientated Medicine for Advanced Practitioners July 2016
MS173 - Rabbit Nursing: Anaesthesia and Critical Care April 2018
Respiratory Surgery July 2013
Six of the Best - Neurological Case Headaches April 2014
MS162- Small Animal Emergency Medicine Case Challenges for Advanced Practitioners September 2017
MS122 - Small Animal Nutrition October 2016
MS160 - Small Mammal Essentials July 2017
Soft Tissue Surgery Case Challenges for Advanced Practitioners May 2016
MS132 - Surgical Conditions of the Spine October 2016
MS167 - Surgical Skills for Nurses January 2018
MS116 - Surgical Skills for Nurses July 2016
MS146 - The Acute Abdomen August 2017
MS146 - The Challenging Rehab Patient May 2017
The Reptile Survival Guide October 2012
MS118 - The Secrets to Managing Problem Diabetics September 2016
The Whelping Bitch and Paediatrics April 2014
The Whelping Bitch and Paediatrics August 2015
Thoracic Radiology May 2016
Thoracic Radiology March 2014
Thoracic Radiology April 2013
MS165 - Tortoises, turtles and terrapins. The approach to common clinical presentations in practice January 2018
Understanding and Preventing Canine Aggression July 2015
Urinary Tract Disease February 2016
Well Pet Clinics January 2015
When Things Go Wrong December 2014
MS124 - When Things Go Wrong - Anaesthetic Complications and Emergencies November 2016
Wound Management and Closure in Dogs and Cats September 2015

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