Recovery from general anaesthesia; it's not over yet!

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Category: Nurses Club
Published on: 13.02.2019


Becky Robinson

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About The Webinar

When in charge of an anaesthetic, the responsibility to the animal is not over until anaesthesia is complete; but when is this? When the vaporiser is turned off; when the animal is “up and about”; when the animal is discharged from the hospital? Given that most anaesthetic mortality occurs in the recovery period, the anaesthetist’s responsibility has to extend up until the animal is fully recovered. Although anaesthetic fatalities at this time point are likely to be multi-factorial, undoubtedly reduced monitoring and observation plays a part. Anaesthesia is a little like flying a plane; the most risky parts are take-off and landing i.e. induction and recovery! This webinar will cover what is considered to be an ideal anaesthetic recovery, considerations for patient handover and the potential complications which may arise in the recovery period. This will include some reflection on assessment and management of post-operative pain.

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