MS194 - Treating aggressive sarcomas & carcinomas in small animal practice January 2019

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Published on: 17.01.2019


Owen Davies
American Specialist in Veterinary Oncology

Welcome to the Treating aggressive sarcomas & carcinomas in small animal practice Mini Series course materials page!

Session 1: Introduction & all about soft tissue masses (including feline injection site sarcoma)

Part 1 : Introduction to solid tumours & their treatment

Part 2 : Approach to Soft Tissue Masses & Soft Tissue Sarcomas

Session 2: All about bone tumours & splenic tumours

Part 1 : Splenic Tumours & Haemangiosarcoma

Part 2 : Bone Tumours & Osteosarcoma

Session 3: All about the approach….. to intranasal tumours, oral tumours, anal gland and urogenital tumours

Part 1 : Oral Tumours and Nasal Tumours

Part 2 : Anal Gland Tumours and Urogenital Tumours

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