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Small Animal Practice Webinar Club VIP

Includes Small Animal Practice Club, Exotics Club and Emergency Club. Or choose your own clubs. That's 3 great clubs, 36 hours CPD a year as live webinars PLUS MANY MORE HOURS already in the archives for just £87 a month! Annual options also available.

  • Three webinars a month covering these key areas of small animal practice building into a fantastic resource.
  • Top presenters in all areas – We know them as we have worked with many of them for years!
  • Enjoy our online meeting room with easy login, great sound and clinical video streaming when needed to get across important practical points
  • Attend the live event and ask as many questions as you like or just login anytime to watch recordings.
  • Personalise your membership- choose your preferred clubs (annual only)
  • No travel, rota challenges or time away from home
  • AND all guaranteed 100% by CPD Solutions

Coming up in Small Animal Practice Club VIP

July 2017

Hemangiosarcoma…the old and the new with Shasta Lynch
Can’t Eat, Won’t Eat- practical approach to tube feeding with Yvonne McGrotty
Diagnosis and treatment of Thymoma in Rabbits with Jenna Richardson

August 2017

Sound advice: preventing and treating sound phobias in the dog and cat with Stephanie Hedges
Sepsis/SIRS/MODs…. but how do I actually manage septic peritonitis in practice? with Lindsay Kellett-Gregory
Management of otitis externa in Rabbits with Kevin Eatwell

September 2017

Hard Graft? How to make skin grafts simple with Lynda Rutherford
Diagnosis and Management of Feline Arterial Thromboembolism with Nuala Summerfield
Multimodal analgesia in small mammal patients with Kevin Eatwell

October 2017

An Update on Cruciate Surgery with Scott Rutherford
Avoid the peek and shriek! – How to do a good emergency Ex-lap with Aidan McAlinden
Care of small rodents and common presenting conditions with Emma Keeble

November 2017

Feline Hyperthyroidism – New Perspectives on an “Old” Disease with Martha Cannon
Where did all the platelets go … and how do I get them back? with Lindsay Kellett-Gregory
Computed Tomography – diagnostic aid for Rabbits with Jenna Richardson

December 2017

How to approach vomiting in dogs and cats with Simon Tappin
Emergency medicine and critical care techniques in small mammal patients with Emma Keeble
Tips and tricks for exotic animal surgeries with Kevin Eatwell

“We know many members have struggled to decide which club is best for them and now with the VIP membership you can cover our core Small Animal Practice clubs for just a modest extra monthly investment. Great news!”
Alison Malone MRCVS, CPD Solutions Online Programme Manager and Programme Coordinator for Small Animal Practice Club and Emergency Club

Customise Your Membership

The Standard VIP membership includes Small Animal Practice, Emergency and Critical Care and Exotics Clubs. Would you prefer a different combination? All  other combinations are available with annual memberships, and all provide 36 hours of live webinars each year plus extensive archives. See your options below

  • Small Animal Practice, Emergency and Critical Care, Exotics (standard membership, also available monthly)
  • Small Animal Practice, Emergency and Critical Care, Neurology (custom membership, annual only)
  • Small Animal Practice, Emergency and Critical Care, Orthopaedics(custom membership, annual only)
  • Small Animal Practice, Orthopaedics, Neurology (custom membership, annual only)
  • Small Animal Practice, Orthopaedics, Exotics (custom membership, annual only)
  • Small Animal Practice, Neurology and Exotics (custom membership, annual only)

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