Test your knowledge! Is there a reason to be worried here?

Date added: 7th May 2015

What would you recommend?

You receive a telephone call from a client asking for some advice. Her 1-year old male neutered domestic shorthair cat has just drunk some water from the lily vase. The client knows that lilies can be harmful to cats, is not sure why she kept them in the house (!) and wants to know if she needs to be concerned. What do you recommend?

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Yes, be concerned, be very concerned! Lilies can cause renal toxicity in domestic cats and at this time this is thought to be a non-dose dependent idiosyncratic type of toxicity. There are reports of cats developing acute kidney injury after drinking vase water in which lilies have been immersed and you should advise that the client brings the cat to the practice. Gastrointestinal decontamination may be considered if within a suitable time frame and the cat should be hospitalised on intravenous fluids for 48-72 hours. A baseline blood renal panel and urinalysis is recommended and screening should be repeated prior to discontinuing fluids and discharging the kitty!