Wound Management

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Published on: 24.07.2014


Aidan McAlinden MVB CertSAS DipECVS MRCVS
European Specialist In Small Animal Surgery

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About The Webinar

Wounds are something we are faced with on a daily basis in practice. They can be hugely rewarding to treat when they go well but all too often we are presented with difficult wounds that can present additional challenges and significant complications. This results in frustration to us the veterinarians, the client and the patient due to healing delays, expense and morbidity. This webinar will review the process of normal wound healing as a basis for better understanding the way healing should normally progress, the processes that can delay healing and how we can positively (and indeed negatively) influence the outcome. We will cover tried and tested dressings used for open wound management and provide some insight into novel wound dressing along with the indications to use them. Finally we will finish off by discussing some of the more simple surgical options for the reconstruction of wounds following the initial open wound management. Overall this webinar will provide revised knowledge and tips to take immediately back to your practice for implementation in your very next wound case.

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