Update on Anaesthetic Equipment

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Category: Nurses Club
Published on: 15.03.2022


Denise Prisk
DipAVN (Surgical), VTS (Anesthesia & Analgesia), LTCL, LCGI, RVN

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About The Webinar

Anaesthetic equipment has changed significantly over the years and there is now a variety of machines and breathing systems available for small animal anaesthesia. It is necessary that veterinary nurses who are involved in the care of anaesthetised patients are familiar with the various types of equipment that are currently in use.

This webinar will look at the theoretical and practical use of anaesthetic machines and breathing systems. Different types of warning devices will be discussed, and equipment safety checks that should be performed prior to use will be explained.

Information will be given on how to select, assemble and use breathing systems, and how to calculate fresh gas flow rates using the most current circuit factors for non-rebreathing systems. Short case studies will be used to illustrate fresh gas flow requirements for a variety of breathing systems, and there will be a brief description on how to use capnography to set the fresh gas flow.

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