Understanding Emotions and Their Role In Behavioural Medicine

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Published on: 21.05.2013


European Veterinary Specialist in Behavioural Medicine

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About The Webinar

When faced with a behavioural problem the most important thing to establish is the underlying cause. Whilst the questions of “what” the animal is doing, “when” it does it and “with whom” are essential in the history taking process, it is the answer to the question “why” the animal behaves as it does which underpins the treatment approach. Behaviour is the outward expression of an underlying emotional state and the aim of a behavioural consultation is to identify the emotions which are driving the presented behaviour.

Controlling the expression of the behaviour is important from a safety and legal perspective but in order to achieve a long term alteration in behavioural signs the most important aims are to encourage emotional stability and self confidence and to work to alter the animal’s perceptions of its physical and social environment in order to modify emotions and consequently alter behavioural signs. In this webinar, Behaviour Specialist Sarah Heath shows you how to understand emotions in your small animal patients and the role that they play in behavioural medicine.

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