Tricks for local wound closure

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Published on: 13.06.2017


RCVS & European Veterinary Specialist in Small Animal Surgery      

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About The Webinar

We all can face challenging skin wounds in practice whether that’s with a wound that we may have created on tumour removal, or with a traumatic wound that the patient has presented with. Either way closure can bring challenges, but especially so if there is a large defect or significant tension across the wound. There are lots of methods described to deal with these wounds, but often the difficulty for us as surgeons is determining which is the most appropriate approach, how do we execute the closure without complications and how do we deal with tension across the wound.

In this webinar, Ronan Doyle, Head of Soft Tissue Surgery at Davies Veterinary Specialists will demonstrate and discuss these challenges. Ronan will talk you through the simple questions he asks himself when deciding how to manage any surgical wound. He will then look practically at the ‘rules of surgery’ as they relate to closure and the most effective means of managing tension. This webinar will focus on local wound closure, that is when we use the surrounding skin to close rather than using advancement flaps, grafts or axial pattern flaps, but Ronan will also talk you through, with practical examples, how you know when local closure will not be sufficient.

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