The dreaded GDV – Top tips for surgery


Zoe Halfacree
RCVS and ECVS Specialist in Small Animal Surgery and Head of Soft Tissue at The Royal Veterinary College

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About The Webinar

GDV is a true surgical emergency. Whilst an often-feared emergency call, it is a hugely rewarding condition to treat and with the correct management, in a large percentage of cases outcome can be excellent. In this webinar you will learn to confidently diagnose and stabilise dogs with gastric dilatation and gastric dilatation and volvulus. Top tips for optimising patient stabilisation will be covered and recommendations for general anaesthesia addressed. The focus on the webinar will be on the surgical technique for decompression, derotation and repositioning of the stomach prior to a gastropexy procedure. Post-operative care of the GDV patient can be challenging and recommendations will be given for ongoing monitoring, analgesia, nutrition and use of prokinetics. GDV can have a range of different post-operative complications and guidance will be given on how to trouble shoot when there are complications with patient recovery. Following this webinar you feel more confident to perform surgical management of gastric dilatation and volvulus.

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