The Dos and Don’ts in an Emergency


Chiara Valtolina Dipl ACVECC, Dipl ECVECC
European Veterinary Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care

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About The Webinar

It’s important to realise that everyone makes often involuntary mistakes and making mistakes it Is not per se a terrible thing if we learn from them.. repeating them it is.
Emergency doctors often have to deal with multiple patients at the time and when the pressure is high, it is easy to forget to do appropriately and to monitor carefully what we are doing. This lecture will review some topics that are fundamental for an optimal stabilisation of our emergency patients but often subject of mistakes in the emergency room.
We will review:
• the importance of performing a good major body system examination that will help us triage the patient and start initial stabilisation;
• the rapid recognition of shock in dogs and cats and the differences between them;
• to evaluate pain and which analgesia to choose and which should not be used in our emergency critical patients;
• the use of corticosteroids in shock;
• the appropriate use and titration of fluid therapy in shock

We will discuss few other medical “beliefs” that are often used in some situation but that could lead to a worsening of the clinical condition of our patients like using furosemide to treat pleural effusion, subcutaneous fluid and drugs in shock, the use of glucose 5% to provide nutrition in our patients.

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