Sound advice: preventing and treating sound phobias in the dog and cat

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Published on: 21.09.2017


Stephanie Hedges BSc (Hons) CCAB
Canine Behaviour Counsellor

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About The Webinar

Fear of fireworks and other loud unpredictable noises is one of the most common problem behaviours reported in dogs. It is likely cats are also equally distressed, although their tendency to hide makes this less obvious. Once triggered noise phobias tend to escalate and can spread to a wide variety of noises or situations linked to them. As such they can pose a severe welfare compromise to both the pet and owner. Appropriate early advice can prevent development of this lifelong debilitating phobia and a range of techniques are available for managing and addressing the behaviour once established. Practice staff are well placed to give such advice, and are often the owners first port of call. This webinar aims to equip practice staff to understand how sound phobias develop, advise owners how to prevent them, and to support management and treatment in established cases.

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