Small Wounds with Big Problems

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Category: Equine Collection
Published on: 22.08.2012


Bruce Bladon BVM&S Cert EP DESTS Dipl ECVS MRCVS
RCVS & European Specialist in Equine Surgery
O'Gorman, Slater, Main & Partners

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About The Webinar

All veterinary surgeons are familiar with the hysterical client whose horse has a large stake injury to the chest, who refuse to accept the best treatment is to cut off the remaining flap of skin and hose the wound, and insist on it being stitched. Equally, some clients will ignore severe lameness associated with small wounds, erroneously equating the skin damage with the pain, and failing accept that these horses can require urgent and expensive surgery. This webinar will discuss some of the puncture wounds of the horse which involve the vital structures, such as synovial cavities, tendons, and bone. The emphasis will be on lacerations of the digital flexor tendon sheath, but punctures of the foot, and fractures of the splint bones will also be reviewed.

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