Respiratory Emergencies

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Category: Nurses Club
Published on: 19.07.2016


Kenichiro Yagi BS RVT VTS (ECC SAIM)

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About The Webinar

Respiratory distress and/or failure are one of the most common emergencies seen in veterinary medicine. When a patient presents in respiratory distress, the technician’s ability to quickly and accurately assess the problem and provide appropriate emergency intervention is vital to a positive outcome. The various types of respiratory emergencies and their pathophysiology, concepts in assessing oxygenation and ventilation status, and methods of treatment will be discussed. There are various tools, both low and high tech, at our disposal. Attendees will be given opportunities to view videos of patients in respiratory distress, participate in the discussion of concerns in each case and appropriate interventions. Use your hands, eyes, ears, and monitoring equipment to assess your patients!

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