Recognising, Quantifying and Managing Chronic Pain in Cats

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Published on: 25.03.2014


Dr. Jo Murrell, BVSc. (hons), PhD, Dipl ECVAA, MRCVS

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About The Webinar

Chronic pain likely has a significant impact on an animal’s well-being and quality of life and therefore requires effective management to ensure the welfare of the patient. Until very recently chronic pain in cats has been a neglected problem, with limited information available about how to recognise signs of chronic pain, quantify the severity of pain and provide treatment. Yet undoubtedly, chronic pain is common in cats, particularly pain caused by osteoarthritis, about which, compared to other conditions associated with chronic pain in cats, most information is known.

This webinar will predominantly focus on management of chronic pain in cats caused by osteoarthritis, although treatment options for other causes of chronic pain will be discussed. It will provide a background to pathophysiology of chronic pain and how it impacts on an animal’s quality of life. Very recently developed tools to aid in the owner assessment of chronic pain will be introduced followed by a clinically relevant discussion of how to treat chronic pain in cats. Treatment will focus on what to do when NSAIDs are contraindicated in a particular patient or when additional pain relief, supplementary to NSAIDs is required.

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