Physiotherapy explained.  Why does the veterinary patient need physiotherapy, which patients would benefit & how do we apply treatment

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Category: Nurses Club
Published on: 20.10.2020


Helen Fentem-Jones
MSc Vet Physio, MSc Physio
Chartered Physiotherapist Specialising in Small Animal Veterinary Physiotherapy

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About The Webinar

This webinar is aimed at explaining the importance and role of physiotherapy and rehabilitation for the small animal veterinary patient. I aim to consider both conservative and surgical management methods of different types of patients, including orthopeadic, neurological, and chronic conditions.
We will then consider which patients are most likely to benefit from physiotherapy input, and how we identify these patients, as well as considering situations where physiotherapy intervention is not appropriate.
Once the patient has been identified we will then look at how we would assess these patients from a physiotherapy point of view, and then how we would apply some basic physiotherapy treatment regimens based upon this assessment process. I will discuss the tools we use to determine if our treatments are succeeding and then we will also consider some basic principles for the progression of our physiotherapy regime once we started to see improvement in our patients' condition.

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