Performing the Neurological Examination

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Category: Neurology Club
Published on: 18.12.2019


Tom Cardy BSc PhD BVetMed MVetMed DipECVN MRCVS
EBVS® European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology
RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Neurology

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About The Webinar

Neurology cases are a common presentation for veterinarians in general practice but can frequently seem overwhelming. In many patients it can be challenging to establish a neuroanatomical localization making attempts to generate a list of focused differential diagnoses and determine a management plan feel like a lost cause.

The aim of this one-hour lecture is to provide a simple and logical approach to the neurological exam that works within general practice. Participants will learn the skills to determine if a neurological abnormality exists and develop the knowledge and confidence to interpret their findings in order to localise the lesion to a specific anatomic region of the nervous system.

Learning objectives:
• Participants will be able to approach each neurology case in a consistent and logical manner.
• Participants will understand how to perform and interpret findings for each of the 8 steps of the neurological examination.
• Participants will understand how the ‘Five-Finger Rule’ considers elements from the patient signalment, onset, progression, lateralization and pain of the presenting condition to
improve clinical reasoning in neurology cases.
• Participants will review case-based scenarios to practice interpreting neurological examination findings, determine a neuroanatomical localization and construct a focused list of
differential diagnoses.

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