Muscular dystrophies

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Category: Neurology Club
Published on: 31.05.2017


Aurelien Jeandel, DVM, Dip ECVM, MRCVS
European Veterinary Specialist in Neurology

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About The Webinar

Muscular dystrophies are a group of genetic hereditary diseases affecting several species. In humans, Duchenne muscular dystrophy is considered as a public health challenge that dramatically affects young boys. Equivalent of this disease has been recognised in dogs and cats. Although muscular dystrophies are rare in companion animals, their identification is important as they are life-threatening conditions, and their prognosis is guarded. The diagnosis of the disease might be challenging as the clinical signs can be very peculiar. The aim of this presentation is to help the clinicians to recognise the clinical signs associated to muscular dystrophies, to discuss the non-invasive investigations that could be performed to identify the nature of the muscular disease, to detail the way to reach a definitive diagnosis, and to discuss the supportive care that could be provided.

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