More Calves, More Cash - Maximising Reproductive Productivity in Cattle

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Published on: 26.10.2012


Hilari French DVM, PhD
Resident, Rural Animal Health Management, College of Veterinary Medicine

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About The Webinar

Reproduction is an essential component for livestock production. This webinar reviews the herd health parameters that veterinarians can offer cattle producers to aid in better reproductive efficiency. Prior to the breeding season, bulls should be examined for any heritable defects or physical restraints that may inhibit breeding. A semen sample should also be obtained in order to assess the quality of normal progressive fertile sperm produced. Parameters have been defined for satisfactory potential breeders, unsatisfactory potential breeders, and for those bulls that should be deferred to retest in sixty days. Cows should be assessed individually for pregnancy evaluation as well as on a herd basis. Many tools can assist the veterinarian in determining herd conception rate problems. These tools can be as advanced as computer assisted programmes and as simple as bar graphs.

In this webinar we will illustrate the importance of creatively employing a combination of these tools to communicate with the producer both problems as well as solutions.

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