Help!! My Wound won't heal - Going Back to the Basics

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Category: Nurses Club
Published on: 21.11.2017


Louise O’Dwyer
MBA BSc(Hons) VTS (Anesthesia/Analgesia & ECC) DipAVN (Medical & Surgical) RVN

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About The Webinar

Having a sound understanding of wound healing is essential for any veterinary nurse or technician in order to be able to appropriately manage wounds from initial presentation through the selection of appropriate wound dressings to deciding whether wounds are appropriate for closure. Wound healing is a combination of physical, chemical and cellular events that combine to restore wounded tissue and/or replace it with collagenous scar tissue. This webinar will look at the processes which occur during ‘normal’ wound healing.

Non-healing, or difficult to heal wounds in veterinary practice rarely pose an immediate risk to life, however they can result in prolonged periods of veterinary care which can be very costly to the owner, uncomfortable and stressful for the patient, and potentially may result in euthanasia, or limb amputation in some cases.

There are numerous underlying causes of non-healing wounds and these can generally be divided into wound factors, patient factors and surgeon factors, and these factors will be discussed during the webinar.

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