GI Diets - What, When and Why?

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Category: Nurses Club
Published on: 21.03.2017


Nicola Ackerman BSc(Hons) RVN CertSAN CertVNECC VTS(Nutrition) A1 V1 HonMBVNA
Head Medical Nurse – The Veterinary Hospital Group, Plymouth, UK

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About The Webinar

The gastrointestinal system requires nutrition, and therefore requires to be fed. With there being numerous gastrointestinal disorders and with each individual reacting differently to different diets it is important to obtain a full nutritional / diet history from owners about their pets. The webinar will discuss how to obtain a nutritional history from the pet owner, how to use nutrition as a diagnostic tool (for example dietary sensitivities) and how to monitor any nutritional changes. Talking to the owner and finding out what the pet has traditionally ate, how well does the pet eat, does it only eat a home cooked diet or a specific flavour of food is not only important to find out whether the gastrointestinal symptoms are related to what the pet is being fed, but also where to go to next in the recommendation of a diet.

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