Five Secrets to Successful Puppy Parties

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Published on: 20.07.2015


Sarah Whitehead BA(Hons) MSc, Full member APBC, CCAB

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About The Webinar

In theory, running puppy socialisation groups or ‘puppy parties’ in practice is a great idea! After all, you want your clients’ pups to grow up sociable with people and other dogs, and be confident in the surgery environment. However, in the past few years, increasing concern about canine behaviour problems means that we need to be incredibly careful when running these sessions – and making sure that we don’t cause the very problems we are trying to prevent.

Join Sarah Whitehead on a fun and lively webinar to explore this fascinating area of canine behaviour and get some down-to-earth practical tips to make sure that you are offering your clients the very best in behavioural understanding and hands-on sessions.

What you will learn:

      The importance of starting with the end in mind
      Why ‘pass the puppy’ is a risky exercise
      How to get your clients to actually listen to you about their puppy’s care and behaviour!
      The five signs of stress that you need to be able to spot in puppies
      The hidden dangers of ‘off-lead socialisation’ in your sessions – and what to do instead!

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