Equine Infectious Disease - Ancient and Modern

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Category: Equine Collection
Published on: 30.05.2012


Philip Ivens MA VetMB Cert EM (Int. Med.) DipECEIM MRCVS
European Recognised Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine
Buckingham Equine Vets Ltd

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About The Webinar

In this webinar, the increasing importance of infectious disease in equine practice is addressed. Philip Ivens examines data on the increase in equine movements within Europe and across the world, along with the widening of geographical spread of potential disease vectors.
Specific areas coverered include:
- Ancient diseases such as Glanders and Equine Infectious Anaemia, using recent examples of outbreak investigations in the UK and Europe
- Modern or emerging diseases, including West Nile Virus re-emergence in southern and central Europe
- Hendra virus and the significance of this zoonosis for the veterinary profession and if there are any implications for the UK
- Equine encephalosis virus and a comparison with African Horse Sickness using recent data gathered in Western Africa
- Borna virus and its potential to be an equine pathogen as well as human pathogen, its presentation and geographical spread

This webinar will relevant to any clinician examining horses that have resided outside of the United Kingdom for any part of their lives.

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