Earlier Intervention for a Better Outcome: the Latest Advances in the Treatment of Canine Preclinical Heart Disease

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Published on: 25.01.2017


Nuala Summerfield BVM&S BSc,DipACVIM(Cardiology),DipECVIM-CA(Cardiology), MRCVS
RCVS & European Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology

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About The Webinar

Mitral valve disease (MVD) and dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) are the two most common types of canine acquired heart disease. MVD and DCM develop gradually, often over a period of years, before symptoms of congestive heart failure develop. This early, symptom-free stage of the disease is known as the preclinical stage.
Following publication of the ground breaking results of two global clinical drug trials, the PROTECT study and more recently the EPIC study, we now know that starting treatment in the preclinical stage of MVD and DCM significantly delays the onset of congestive heart failure in dogs.
The focus of this webinar will be to discuss the ways in which these important new study findings will impact and ultimately change the veterinary practitioners’ approach to the diagnosis and management of MVD and DCM in dogs, so as to optimise the patients’ long-term cardiac outcome.

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