Decision-Making in Youngstock

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Published on: 30.11.2012


Tim Potter BVetMed PhD MRCVS
Westpoint Veterinary Group

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About The Webinar

Calf health and management is an area of bovine medicine that is important for the future productivity and health of a herd. However, calf health is not a topic that is routinely assessed, monitored and investigated unless a problem is identified. In a recent study, only 50% of vets regularly discuss calf mortality with their clients and just 10% of farmers said they discussed calf mortality with their vet routinely. Improvement to calf health on farm requires vets and farmers to be aware of the calf rearing management practices and disease incidence.

Each individual farm is unique in its infectious disease risks, farm management practices and environment; consequently there is no “one-size-fits-all” plan that can be implemented on to every farm. When faced with a disease problem in a group of animals, data collection and observation are essential in gaining a good understanding of what is going on.

In this webinar, Dr Tim Potter will use clinical examples to demonstrate a structured approach to youngstock disease and illustrate how to approach disease and management problems.

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