Dealing With Poisoning Cases

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Category: Nurses Club
Published on: 17.07.2012


Paul Aldridge BVSc CertSAS MRCVS
PetMedics, Manchester

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About The Webinar

Poisoning cases are frequently dealt with in practice; while the majority of patients recover uneventfully fatal outcomes are not uncommon. A methodical approach to all poisoning cases will maximise the patients chances: it is this approach that the webinar will aim to describe. Supportive care, specific procedures, and suitable common antidotes will be discussed.

Poisonings arise due to a number of different scenarios: the toxin may be a human medication administered by the owner, veterinary products may be misused or overdosed, the animal may help themselves to an inappropriate food stuff, or in a smaller number of cases poisons may be maliciously administered. In some circumstances the toxin may be unknown, but clinical signs make a poisoning seem likely.

The webinar will also discuss the ten most common poisonings seen at PetMedics, Manchester; how they present, and how to maximise their recovery.

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