Dairy Cow Makeovers - Optimising Health in The Transition Period

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Published on: 01.02.2013


Professor James K Drackley BS, MS, PhD
Professor of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

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About The Webinar

Dairy cows undergo enormous adaptations to the metabolic and physiological demands of lactation from those of late pregnancy. Enabling cows to make these adaptations smoothly is critical to avoid health problems while still obtaining high milk production and good fertility. Nutrition and management both before and after parturition can influence the success of these adaptations. Management practices must focus on minimizing environmental and behavioral stressors on cows both before and after parturition. A nutrition program that controls energy and nutrient intake to meet requirements of cows without excess before calving, followed by a well-balanced diet promoting good dry matter intake early postpartum, will help to optimize health and productivity during the transition period. Maintaining rumen health and function during the postpartal transition is especially important.

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