CPR: BLS, ALS and New Guidelines from RECOVER

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Chiara Valtolina DVM Dipl ACVECC
Department of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University

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About The Webinar

Cessation of effective circulating blood flow and ventilation constitutes cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA) that leads to inadequate oxygen delivery to tissue, shock and death. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation refers to re-establishing blood flow to the cerebral and coronary systems in the event of CPA by performing manual cardiac and thoracic compressions and manual ventilation until spontaneous circulation and ventilation occurs. There are three phases of CPR: basic life support (BLS); advanced life support (ALS) and post-resuscitation care. Basic life support involves establishing and maintaining an airway, with supplemental oxygen initiating artificial ventilation and starting manual cardiac and thoracic compression to re-establish circulation. Advanced life support consists of ECG monitoring and interpretation of the arrest rhythm, electrical defibrillation, and specific drug therapy. The post resuscitation phase is focused on protection of the heart and brain from the adverse effects of CPA, providing perfusion to vital organ systems, and addressing any underlying condition that caused CPA in the first place.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is, unfortunately, often unsuccessful, but prompt recognition and rapid treatment following the RECOVER guidelines is paramount to reestablish both cerebral and coronary circulation, enhancing the chance of a positive outcome. In this webinar, Emergency Specialist Dr Chiara Valtolina will help you to deal with cardiopulmonary arrest, and explains the new RECOVER guidelines.

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