Canine spinal anomalies: diagnosis and treatment

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Category: Neurology Club
Published on: 26.06.2019


Luisa De RisioDMV, FRCVS, PhD, DECVN,
RCVS and EBVS European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology

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About The Webinar

This webinar will provide the first opinion clinician with an insight on clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of spinal anomalies in dogs. Video footage of neurological signs and diagnostic imaging findings of a series of clinical cases with different congenital spinal conditions will be presented. Clinically relevant findings of recently published scientific articles will be outlined.
Congenital spinal malformations are commonly identified in small animals and may cause neurological signs associated with myelopathy, or radiculopathy, pain and gross spinal deformities. However, many spinal malformations do not produce overt neurologic dysfunction, and it is the responsibility of the clinician to investigate and determine whether the malformation is an incidental finding or the underlying cause of the clinical signs. Certain congenital spinal malformations can be treated successfully when diagnosed promptly.

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