Caesarean Section - Optimise Your Approach

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Catherine Sturgeon BVetMed (hons) CertSAS DipECVS MRCVS
RCVS & ECVS recognised specialist in veterinary soft tissue surgery

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About The Webinar

There is always a buzz in the air with the news that a ‘caesar ‘ is on its way into the practice, with the expectation that we will safely deliver some healthy puppies or kittens and all will be well. But like a number of situations in every day practice, despite this being classed as a ‘routine’ surgery, there could be a number of pitfalls and numerous questions suddenly come to mind in the middle of actually doing a procedure. Does this patient need and warrant a C section ? Should I give a premed? When should I give analgesia to the bitch or queen? What if the placenta will not come away? How do I optimally close a uterus? Best way to revive a neonate? This webinar will review the essential facts that will give you the confidence to provide the best strategy and care from the beginning to the end of a caesarian.

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