Blood Pressure Measurement- How to Do it and What the Numbers Mean

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Category: Nurses Club
Published on: 19.08.2013


Dr Amy Dickinson DVM DACVECC
Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center

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About The Webinar

The importance of blood pressure monitoring is very often overlooked in veterinary medicine. Blood pressure measurement reflects adequacy of blood flow to the tissues, and thus appropriate oxygen delivery. Blood pressure abnormalities are common in animals undergoing general anesthesia, in cases of trauma, severe illness, and metabolic abnormalities. The time to intervene in these patients is early in their progression, and critical evaluation of blood pressure is integral to accurate and timely interventions.

In this webinar, Dr Amy Dickinson discusses why it is important to measure blood pressure, what the blood pressure actually represents, as well as techniques for both direct and indirect blood pressure measurement. She also discuss interpretation of blood pressure values, and what constitutes both hypo and hypertension. The goal of this webinar is to help you become more familiar with blood pressure measurement techniques, and use the information to make adjustments in medical care to help improve overall outcomes for your patients.

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