Anaesthetic Safety – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

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Category: Nurses Club
Published on: 19.01.2016


Sam McMillan BSc(Hons) VTS(Anesthesia/Analgesia) DipAVN RVN

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About The Webinar

Proper preparation is a fundamental part of anaesthesia and is key to improving patient safety. Most anaesthetic drugs commonly used cause some degree of reduction in cardiac output, blood pressure, respiratory rate, tidal volume and body temperature regulation. So it is perhaps surprising that anaesthetic accidents and emergencies do not occur more commonly. The aim of every anaesthetic is to provide balanced anaesthesia for the patient using a multimodal approach whilst maximising patient safety. Every anaesthetic has the potential to cause harm if not adequately prepared for and then carefully monitored. It is the proper preparation of the patient, drugs and anaesthetic equipment that prevents problems occurring.

This webinar will consider the veterinary nurse's assessment of the patient prior to anaesthesia, consideration of species, breed and surgical factors alongside underlying medical conditions, reason for anesthesia and current medication. The risk of anaesthesia will be reviewed alongside common adverse events that should be considered, communicated and prepeare for as part of a holistic and individual patient, anaesthetic plan. Cognitive aids including checklists will be evaluated and their role in anaesthetic preparation and patient safety reflected on.

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