Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a webinar?

A veterinary webinar is an online seminar. Attendees 'meet' online at a designated time to hear the presentation. The presentation can be delivered or viewed from any location with internet access.

Do I have to attend the live veterinary webinar?

No. All the veterinary webinars are recorded for you to watch at any time. It normally takes around 2 days before the recordings are available online. Webinar Club members can go to the Members' Area to access the new recordings for their Club. Free webinar attendees will be sent an email containing details of how to access their webinar recording. The advantage of attending a live session is you will have an opportunity to ask questions.

How do I watch the live veterinary webinars?

Simply click on the links in your reminder emails or when you are logged in to the Members' Area at veterinary webinars .com. It is best to join the meeting 10 - 15 minutes before the webinar is scheduled to start. When the webinar starts, the presentation will appear on your computer screen and you will hear the presenter's voice through your headphones or speakers. You can watch in the comfort of your own home, clinic, consulting room or from wherever you choose.

Can I watch the live webinars on my iPad or Android device?

Yes, you can attend live events on an iPad or iPhone. You will need to download the Adobe Connect Mobile for iOS app. If you are using an Android tablet or smartphone, you will need to download the Adobe Connect Mobile for Android app. You will then be able to click on the meeting room link in the email you are sent on the morning of the live webinar. If you are unsure of the meeting room URL, please email prior to the live event.

Can I watch the recordings on my iPad?

Our membership website uses the Adobe Flash video format for most recordings because of reliability, quality and its cross-platform compatibility with web browsers. iPads do not play flash video which is major frustration for all iPad users. This causes problems with many game websites, online booking systems and, of course, video playback. GOOD NEWS! All of our Online Mini Series™ Courses have iPad compatible versions available on the course materials pages. AND from 2014 all new Small Animal Practice Club, Emergency Club and Exotics Club webinars will have iPad compatible recordings available too. So you will have the best of both worlds with Webinar Club - High quality, full screen Flash versions on your PC or Mac AND iPad compatible versions.

Can I watch the webinar again?

Membership of a Webinar Club allows you to login to the Members' Area and watch ANY past webinars for your chosen club at ANY time.

Is there anything I should check before attending the webinar?

If you haven't been to our online meeting room before, it is a good idea to check your connection by clicking here. Don't worry, however, if you are unable to download the Adobe Connect Add In, as it is not required to access the meeting. You can check the system requirements for watching a webinar by clicking here.

Is there any special equipment I need to attend the webinar?

No, just a broadband connection and the ability to watch Flash videos. Adobe Flash readers are automatically installed on over 99% of personal computers. Using a headset to listen to the webinars can enhance your audio experience compared with listening through the speakers on your PC.

Do I get a certificate for my CPD/CE records?

After the webinar, you will be able to download a certificate of attendance for your CPD record. If you watch the webinar at a later date you will have an option to download a certificate of attendance. More importantly, we encourage you to complete the reflective learning sections of your CPD Tracker. The evidence for the beneficial effects of reflective practice is compelling. When you've logged your thoughts, comments and ideas you can save the entry in your Tracker for future reference.

How should I document my CPD or CE?

Formal CPD/CE accreditation varies from country to country and regionally within countries. In the UK, there is no formal accreditation procedure. In other countries, it is essential that any continuing education that you want to use to fulfil your professional requirements is compatible with your governing body. We will continually review international accreditation requests by our subscribers and those who wish to subscribe, and submit our programmes for scrutiny by national accreditation organisations depending on demand. In the UK, undocumented private studies can only count towards a maximum of 10 hours (vets) or 5 hours (nurses) per year on average of your mandatory CPD requirement. We suggest you keep a learning diary so that you can document the programmes that you watch in Webinar Club, making brief notes about what you learnt and when. You should also record the outcomes of your learning such as changing a practice protocol or changing the way you approach a particular type of case or clinical problem. Remember to include the time that you spend reinforcing your learning by watching the Webinar again. You can then record your CPD on your RCVS CPD Record Card. If in any doubt, you should consult the RCVS website and the guidance notes on your CPD Record Card. Membership.

How do I join Webinar Club?

Visit the Webinar Club home page and check for any special offers! Then click on 'Join a Club' in the main menu and follow the links to find out about your club. Complete a short online order form and start enjoying your membership immediately. Login to the Members' Area to watch your club's archived webinars. Information on the next webinar will also be seen in the Members' Area when you are logged in. We will send you reminder emails on the day of each live event.