Get the essential checklist for your emergency patients

Date added: 29th May 2015

The next webinar for Small Animal Practice Club is ‘The Critical In-Patient Essential Checklist’ with regular Webinar Club contributor and ECC Specialist, Shailen Jasani.

Taking care of critically ill patients can be very rewarding, if at times also quite challenging. These patients may have more than one primary disease process, may have had surgery, and may also have one or more concurrent co-morbidities. Although they vary to some extent in terms of their importance, there are many things to remember when looking after critical patients including medical, nursing and non-clinical factors. The daily use of a checklist can be extremely helpful for making sure that we do not overlook anything important – a patient care ‘safety net’ as it were. In this webinar we will work through one such checklist which includes, for example, fluid balance, pain management, nutritional status and physiotherapy considerations amongst others.

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  • Tuesday, 16th June
  • 12.30pm BST